The New.... Utah Valley Thunder!

Last night for family night we got the chance to go to the first ever arena football game in Utah Valley. Our friend Keith hooked us up with some tickets to the brand new Utah Valley Thunder. Definitely on a way different scale then the Arizona Rattlers but the kids had the, "best night of their life", according to Redden! What couldn't be fun about unhealthy food, cheerleaders, spotlights, free posters, t-shirts, and footballs. Oh and did I mention, cheerleaders. I have reached the point where during the halftime show where I can look over and see my two oldest with smiles from ear to ear telling eachother things quietly and laughing all giddily. They were picking out their "favorite". Then I look at Gabe and he has the proudest look on his face that you could have ever seen. Seriously, what is wrong with these guys!!! It is unbelievable the power a short skirt, long hair, and face paint (a.k.a makeup) have over this species of mankind! Well, this leads me to why Redden had the best night of his life. One of the cheerleaders came up and asked him to come play a game down on the field. It was a relay race between boys and they had run with a football while wearing a helmet. Redden got the hand off from another kid first and he was on his way.....till the 12 year old boy blew past him. Luckily, for Redden, the 12 year old boy tripped about 2 yards from the enzone and Redden raced right by the poor boy who just face planted on the turf to the finish line! Redden won the football autograped by the whole team and as he came running back to us, he was giving half the crowd (all 200 of them) high fives! What a stud. Keith gave us another ball so Redden and Ryder each ended up with a ball that I believe is already in their backpacks to show off at school today. We all had a fun time and I'm sure we'll be back again. I just hope they can keep the league going!

The Rocket Derby

Redden had his first Rocket Derby.....wait.....I mean Gabe had his first Rocket Derby. It all started off on a rough note when I told Gabe to work on it with Redden the weekend I was out of town in Moab. Well, they played too much and didn't have time so Tues. came and all of the sudden I'm panicking telling him they have to finish it that night cuz pack meeting would be the next day. So, they make a trip to Home Depot and by 11:30 that night, Gabe had proudly finished his first rocket (with a lot of watching and some imput from Redden of course)! Well the next day I find out it's not until the next week so Gabe wasn't too happy with me but I said, "Hey, at least it's done now!" They made it into the shape of a bat and burned some cool marks on it and made it with Redden's name. Redden was proud to show it of but let's just say that was the best part about it! If you haven't done one of these before you're not missing out! We had to replace the stinkin' rubberbands about 4 times cuz they would keep snapping and the whole thing would come apart. We got to watch it soar across about 3/4 of the way to the finish and that was race......3/4 of the way......good job guys! We took a picture with the trophy cuz Redden thinks his looked the coolest at least! There were only about 2 rockets that worked very good. The rest of the time was spent watching the dads wind up new rubberbands while the boys ran around in a wild game of tag. How many more years do I have with this cub scout thing?!!? I say stick with the pine wood derby!

Here are a few pictures of Ryder at his latest performance at school. He learned a whole bunch of new songs that we have heard over and over and over.......and loved of course! He did good and really got into a few of the songs. I got there early to get a good seat and made the front row! Usually I am in the back and he can never find me. He was excited to see us so close and loved having Ranger wave at him the whole time. Good job Ryder! We love you!

Ranger Danger

Yesterday the boys all went downstairs, or so we thought, to play basketball. Ranger siezed the opportunity to quietly go into my bathroom..... instead.... and go through mom and dad's cabinets to see what would be fun to get into today. As you can see, he found Gabe's hair stuff and tried to do it just like dad and rubbed the whole thing all over his whole head and then face. It was brand new and clear full! Luckily Gabe had just bought a small one! I couldn't believe my eyes when he came sprinting around the corner into the family room with this look of pride on his face. A smile from ear to ear. He tries to copy everything and everyone in the house. It was no suprise when we followed the messy clues back to the bathroom that he was trying to rub the stuff in his hair like daddy. He even pointed to his head and said, "Daddies". He is at such a cute stage but also a messy one! I don't know if it's because I am older now or, if this one is just TROUBLE, but by the end of the day....I am exhausted! I can't leave him alone for more than 5 min. before he is into something else. He can scale the pantry cabinents in about 3.5 seconds, climb on the kitchen counter in about 1.4 seconds, and crawl up on the computer desk and get the markers in about 2.6 seconds. You get the picture.....trouble!! It's so hard not to laugh because he just looks so cute. I don't remember the other two being this curious. It definitly takes our whole family to stay on our toes and keep him safe. Redden and Ryder do such a good job of keeping an eye on him and letting me know what he's into now. They also laugh hysterically at him though so he might be doing things just to impress his big brothers! Until next time.....or next mess......luv you all!

What is Sexy?

I know I know.....a new post. Is the world standing still? Maybe. Ryder just said one of the funniest things last night and I didn't want to forget so I am actually on the computer getting it down. We were all in the car coming back from dinner and the boys were being silly and cracking us up. Ryder started saying that everything was sexy. Sexy cars, sexy house, and on and on. Gabe turns to him and asks him...Ryder..what is sexy? What does that mean? He sat there with a very thoughtful look on his face trying to figure out what this word he had been using meant to him. He finally said it means lip gloss and chocolate. WHOA! I better be on my toes with this kid! If there is ever a girl wearing lipgloss eating chocolate that shows up to Kindegarten, we are in trouble! He didn't think it had anything to do with girls yet, or so I'm hoping! Those just happen to be two of his favorite things right now. I am constantly getting my lipgloss/chapstick out of his pockets and as soon as he walks in from school he asks for some chocolate. We had a good laugh and then talked for a minute about other words we could use that were a little more appropriate than sexy. Gotta love kids!