A new tradition we started this year was the Christmas Pickle. Our neighbors gave us this pickle and told the kids that you are supposed to leave it out for Santa on Christmas Eve and he hides it on the tree. Christmas morning when you wake up you are supposed to run go try to find the pickle. Whoever finds the pickle hiding on the tree gets the extra little gift Santa left. The kids were so excited and Ryder was the first to find it this year. A fun idea to do if you haven't heard of it before.

The big Santa gift this year for the boys was a blue buggy. It snowed a lot the night before so it was a very cold Christmas riding out in the snow. Redden and Ryder better watch out though because I think Ranger thinks that it is his!

Christmas Eve

For our last two Christmas Eve's in Utah, we spent them with our good friends the Atkin family. We met them in Texas as well as the Judy's and both families now live here in Utah. Crazy huh. Well, we spent last year having the traditional dinner and this year Gabe decided to spice it up with a Mexican meal. Gabe spent all day making tamales and they turned out awesome! Thanks Nani for the recipe. We spent the night eating, playing games, and getting ready for the big day. The kids all got to open their new Pjs and get them on and get ready to listen to the new Christmas story for the year. We had a lot of fun and the night couldn't end without several wrestling matches between the kids - Gabe and Perry! Maleah and I joined in on some leg wrestling contests and I have to say that she kicked my butt. Time to hit the gym so I can win next time. Thanks guys for a lot of fun!

Our little Ranger Danger

Ranger is such a little cutie pie right now. I LOVE this stage. If I didn't have to be pregnant and they could be given to me 10 months old, I would have like 10 more. He is so fun right now but into EVERYTHING! We went to a Christmas Party at the Clubhouse and he was fascinated with the shiny ornament balls on the tree. He didn't mess with our tree at home, thank goodness, but would not leave the ornaments alone on that tree. The boys and I chased him around all night long and he loved it. He would smile and laugh as he was running away from Redden or Ryder trying to catch him. How Cute!

The kids got to see Santa three different times this year and this was the best that Ranger did. Ryder loved every minute of it and is so into it this year. I think Redden enjoys it still but at the same time is trying to be cool and not act too excited!

Our Snow Day!

We spent Saturday up in Big Cottonwood Canyon with some friends tubing and sleding all day. We had so much fun despite the fact that I still can't turn my neck to the left! I crashed quite a few times. The hill wasn't that steep but it was filled with little kids walking right up the middle of the run so we would have to bail out not to run them over. So the picture of Gabe and I is us being scared of barreling over a little 4 year old, not that we were terrified of the huge jump. Promise! The boys had a great time with even Ranger going on a few runs down the mountain! For all of you Arizonans, I thought I would show you what you really use snow clothes for! I thought it was hilarious looking at everyones blogs with all their kids bundled in snow clothes to look at temple lights! 60 degrees can be pretty cold I guess! JK. If anyone needs a trip to hit the slopes, come on over!

The Roberts family, our crazy friends, are some of the funniest people we have met yet. Tony and Gabe had this bet going about the devils vs. the ducks in football. They had bet a dinner. Well, the devils got killed and at our door they showed up with some carameled apples with forks in it saying you've been forked by the ducks. They thought it was really funny that we lost and kept rubbing it in. So, to show that we are true ASU fans we dressed the whole family up in all our ASU gear, sparky horns and all, and went to their house. We put about 5-600 plastic forks all over their yard and then began blaring the music of the ASU marching band - the kids screaming ASU! ASU! until they came out. We had a funny sign that I won't repeat on here about them being a bunch of quackers. Gabe and Tony then made it double or nothing on the next ASU game and we lost again. A few days later we began getting calls from people in the neighborhood laughing about a sign. They had hung this at the entrance to the neighborhood for all to see. Pretty funny. If anyone knows any good pranks let us know.

This is me and my crazy boys on Thanksgiving. I can't believe that I actually got in pictures and I have none of Gabe. Usually it is the other way around! I have to take some of him today after work and do a special post on him. Anyways, we had a fun fabulously filling Thanksgiving. We had dinner at the Judys house, aka our other family. We are so lucky to have them close to us once again. For those of you who don't know, we met them in our ward in Texas and now they are in our ward in Utah. Crazy huh. They have been our substitute family on many occasions like this and our kids now are definitely more like cousins than friends. We missed all our family and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Yeah so Gabe and I both turned 30 in the last few months. Have to say I wasn't thrilled. Thanks to all my family who kept rubbing it in. As I turned 30 I felt the need to feel young and cool again so we did something a little crazy! Gabe and I went with some friends to a dance club in downtown salt lake. Just like the good old days right? We did have a lot of fun but ran into a totally different crowd you normally think of when you think of UTAH! I decided I definately do not want to rush my kids growing up at all! Anyways, since that crazy night it has sparked the intrest to get out and dance more so we found some clubs in Provo that are non-smoking and non-acoholic. Should be fun -- if anyone wants to go let me know! So after the crazy night out we did a more kid friendly birthday party for me at Tucanos. 5 other families came so it was a good thing that kids 7 and under were free. I think we made out pretty good! If you haven't eaten here in Provo it is worth going. It is one of those brazilian places with the all you can eat meat and a yummy salad/fruit/soup/pasta bar. I loved it. Thanks for coming guys!

Our new dog!

Since I spent SO MUCH TIME working on Mel's background and she can't even post new pictures, I decided to post a picture of their new dog for everyone! Isn't he so cute!

luv ya,

Thanks mimmy. I guess I made the mistake of giving you my password!!! That will be changed shortly!