BBQ & Swim at Aunt Debbie's

I know I know. These pictures are from months ago in Arizona but I forgot to post them. Steph still wanted to see them so here they are.

The Hatch Reunion

Splash Pad Fun

Out at Jubies House!

So this is my cousin Julie. Better known to me as Jubes, Jubers, or Jubie. We were very close cousins growing up and in Highschool I even ran away to her house. It only lasted two nights before it dawned on me that my mom and her sister, Julie's mom, were just as close and my every move was relayed on! I was such a crazy rebel! Running away all 10 miles to Mesa! I was probably mad because my mom wouldn't buy me the shirt that wasn't on sale at VF factory outlet. JK. Love you mom! It was actually all about this crazy hoodlem I was dating that my parents wanted to do everything in their power to keep me from. Yea um.... meet Gabe Rojas, my husband and accomplise to running away and all things bad and mexican. Hee. Hee. Nice that we can joke about it now since he is the favorite son in law and all things good and wonderful....and still mexican. Anyways, I am getting off track....back to Julie. I don't get to see my cousin Jubes as often anymore since we have lived away for the last 5 1/2 years so it is fun when we visit to get together. She has two boys and is trying very hard to compete with me on who will have more boys. Her third will be coming in August. Her and her cute family moved out to who knows what town it is and built a BEAUTIFUL home. It is gorgeous and is the perfect neighborhood for all those grown up boys that want to be young again. My boys didn't want to leave the toys but we had to say goodbye and we can't wait to see you guys next time! Take it easy with that sweet baby in your belly. Love ya Jubers!

The Phoenix Zoo

We got the chance to go to the Phoenix Zoo and the boys seemed to really enjoy it. My camera died so I don't have very many fun pictures but here are a few. Some new animals at the zoo that we noticed were these neat cows called Watusi. Redden and Ryder had just been with Papa and Gabe to go to papa's friends house to see some Watusi. At the zoo the kids revealed to grandma that papa was the proud owner of a watusi cow he was just keeping it at Sterling's house! Sorry dad! Guess you better watch what you say around the kids if you don't want it shared! Grandma thought it was pretty funny and now the watusi cow doesn't have to hide out at Sterling's, it got to come to it's real home! After walking the majority of the zoo in the heat we were pretty ready to go but hadn't done the farm yet with the petting zoo. I asked the kids and of course they voted to go and so we reluctantly headed that way. I was so glad that we did because I think it was their favorite part. They probably wouldv'e brushed the goats for an hour. Ranger was in heaven running free from goat to goat not afraid at all. He is so opposite from my older two boys at this age. I'm a little worried as to what the future will bring from this one! He got a little rough with one goat trying to ride it like a horse and got head butted in the gut. He just cracked up laughing at it thinking it was now a fun game! We had fun and to top it off made our Sonic stop on the way home. Ahhhhhh.. Thanks Grandma, Steph & kiddos for going with us to make it fun.

Fun in Grandma and Papa's backyard

It was such nice weather in AZ that the kids wanted to be outside just about the whole time. Ranger would throw the biggest fit whenever it was time to go inside. I realized he really had never gotten to play outside yet. Last summer he was too small and spent outside in the stroller, and it's been too cold in Utah to run free outside. No wonder he was in heaven! Ryder and Emma put in their hours as usual having casual conversations from the teter-tot. It's truly amazing how long they can stay on there together!

Our Spring Break

I don't know why it takes me so long to get back on track after a vacation but it does. I am finally posting some pictures of our Spring Break in AZ. We were so happy to leave when we woke up Friday morning to a new blanket of snow. As pretty as it is, it is April and I am so done with the snow. I say that as it snowing today on May 1st! We left the freezing snow and arrived to a wonderful 95 degrees. It was hot all week but I couldn't complain about anything except for how white all of our legs were when we finally got to put on a pair of shorts! Very sad. We went swimming at my newleywed sister, Natalie's, apartment and the boys loved being able to swim and not be freezing when you get out. Our neighborhood has a wonderful heated year round pool but getting out is torture! More pictures of our trip coming soon. I decided to go ahead and post these before I started getting called a slacker again!

What we woke up to.............

What we arrived to..............