The fourth with Miley Cyrus!

This year for the fourth of July we were able to get some tickets, thanks to our friends the Prins, to go to the Stadium of Fire at BYU. I have heard how neat the fireworks are but this year was extra special because the blue man group and Miley Cyrus were the performers. Believe it or not my boys love Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana and know several of her songs so they were very excited. It was a neat show even from the nosebleeds and the fireworks were amazing. They actually shoot them off from inside the stadium. The only downer is that bits of ash fall all over you! It was stuck everywhere in my hair. Worth it though. The most amazing part was that Ranger actually feel asleep through the end of the show. Crazy. I would go again to see those fireworks!

10 YEARS!!!!

I can't believe it's only been 10 years and yet I can't believe it's already been 10 years! We started dating in high school and so sometimes the amount of time in years doesn't seem long enough. It should actually be 14 years together! Crazy! Well, after just being gone from the kids to Lake Powell we kinda felt guilty ditching them again. I don't know if it was guilt leaving them or guilt asking friends to watch them again but either way we decided it would be fun to spend the day with the whole fam. Gabe had reserved a room at a nice resort in Park City where the kids enjoyed bouncing from one bed to the other. We switched our nice room to a room with two beds. Romantic huh! We had fun and the kids loved spending the evening swimming in the pool and watching movies. We spent the whole next day fishing in the river and then stopping at a little lake to fish. Gabe was excited to get better at his fly fishing skills but still no success! We ended the day with a fun blowout from Ranger so he had to be washed in the lake and it was time to go! We'll have to try for the romantic get away again but we made some fun memories with the kids which is why we got married in the first place right?!!

Lake Powell

This summer Gabe and I got to go on a trip to Lake Powell with some of his friends from work. The owner of the company he works for had just bought a houseboat and wanted to treat everyone to a fun vacation. We had a blast and what I thought would be too long away from my kids flew by and I wasn't ready to leave! I had never been to Lake Powell before and having a houseboat is the way to go! It was so nice to have a place to relax, sleep, and cook in. They also brought a really nice fishing boat and we had a lot of fun fishing. Gabe always makes our boys kiss their fish that they catch before they throw it back so we had to do the same. I have to say I think I caught more than Gabe and that's all that matters! Each couple was in charge of a night to cook and all the dinners turned out yummy. We ate and ate and ate thanks to Jenny. She is an amazing cook! Gabe rented a boat from one of our friends for the weekend and we all learned how to surf. It was sooooo cool. Most of them had never seen this before but lots of people do it out here in our neighborhood. It is a lot of fun and as soon as I figure out how to put video on here I'll show you one. Thanks Angie and Sheridan for trusting us with your amazing boat, except for now Gabe thinks that he needs one of course! Well, thanks also to all those who helped with my little guys. It was my first time leaving Ranger and I was nervous but he did great and was calling my friend Carrie mom when I got home. I think he was mad at me for a few days but we survived and now I'm #1 momma again!

A Visit from Grandma and trip to Gardner Village

In May my dad got to go on a bear hunt again this year so on his way he dropped off my mom to visit us while he was away. We always have fun with Grandma here and it's always hard to see them go. We went to Gardner Villiage with Ryder and Ranger and the boys were in heaven with the petting zoo and candy shop. Ryder still asks when we are going to go back again to see the animals and ride the horse. This kid should have been born on a farm. He loves it. We also took Grandma for her first time to Tepanyakis. The kids always love to go there and it's nice cuz it keeps Ranger entertained as well. Costs a little more than panda express but worth every cent for a peacefull dinner with no arguing or playing around from the kids..and Gabe. Thanks mom and dad for spending some time with us again!

Spring Soccer has come and gone!

The boys enjoyed their soccer teams this year. Redden continues to play well and has had fun actually learning and playing positions this year. Ryder actually played! Yeah! Last year he just ran around smiling and waving to us. This season someting turned on and he became one of the lead scorers on the team. What a difference a season can make. I didn't think he had it in him. Redden says it is all because of the cheetah. The tem was called the cheetahs so Redden helped Ryder every week to put this picture of a cheetah running - inside his chin guard. It was pretty cute to watch them get all excited after the picture went in and start running fast around the room. Whatever works right.