La Di Da Designs Boutique

Everyone come check out this boutique. My sisters and I are going to have a booth along with a whole lot of other vendors. Amazing stuff. You won't be dissapointed!


This year for halloween we had the special treat of having family here to share in the fun! They got the real experience of what it is like to trick or treat in the fall. Cool brisk weather, leaves falling all over, it was beautiful. Although, it did get pretty cold and I'm sure the Arizona weather was perfect for trick or treating. We decided we would pay tribute to our Arizona roots by having the boys be Arizona mascots. The boys all chose what mascot they would want to be. The costumes turned out great thanks to my all so talented and crafty husband. (He loves it when I call him crafty!)

Kinsley as Minnie Mouse with Ranger

Ranger with crafty Gabe!

The Arizona Cardinal, The Phoenix Gorilla, and the ASU Sundevil

Ruby was bundled up in her car seat all night so this was the extent of her costume. She's cute enough just being a new baby! I did make her bow though thanks to Mimmy for the cute supplies!

Redden as the Arizona Cardinal

Ryder as the Phoenix Suns Gorilla

Ranger as the ASU Sundevil

Chevy as a pumpkin. The bow a little overboard?????

Catching some ZZZzzzzz's

Nothing is more precious than a sleeping baby. Now if she would just sleep a little more at night!

A Little Princess

So this is what happens when a little princess doesn't get what she wants.....

She thinks that is pretty funny!

Little girls are so much fun!

Birthday Lunch at School

Today we went to Ryder's school to drop off cupcakes and suprise him with his own happy meal to eat at lunch. I think Ranger was just as excited if not more excited to eat at the school with Ryder and he did not want to leave. Ryder was surrounded by kids wanting to trade food items and tell him Happy Birthday. It was great!

Ryder Bugs Turns 7

I can't believe he is already this old!!! I hate that my kids seem to be growing at lightning speed. Looking back through all his old pictures makes me sad that he has grown up so quick but loved how much fun Ryder has brought to our family. He is our curious child who is always wondering why or how and pushing the limit on what he can get away with! With that also brings our kid who is usally up for anything and always wants to go anywhere and everywhere. He always wants to be in the middle of everything and loves making everyone laugh. Half of my pictures of him have him making one of his famous funny faces. He loves to snuggle and give hugs and is my number one baby lover and animal lover. If there is a new baby around, Ryder will ask to hold it again and again. And, if there is a horse around he will always ask when he can ride it or when can we stop to feed it. He was named perfectly because he says when he grows up he is going to be a Horse Rider. We are so grateful for Ryder and love everything he brings to our family. You are a great brother and son!


We had Stake Conference on Sunday so we decided to spend it having a picnic up in the beautiful mountains. Something we don't do often enough. The boys had a blast and it was very relaxing. We ate some yummy sandwiches and then I kicked my mom's trash at Sequence. I always win though.....! Then we played the boys some Yahtzee and watched as they flew down the mountain on their bikes and hunted for critters. We went on a short hike and all in all it was a beautiful day!

Grandma, Grandma, Grandma......doesn't she look great?!! She thought it looked like fun riding the bikes down the big hill and it wasn't long before she wanted to give it a try. But, after about 30 seconds on Redden's bike, she had only managed to get both her legs pedaling for a few feet and that was her wild ride! It looks like she did end up with one thing though....a giant snuggie!!! The pictures are kinda fuzzy but don't think it was cuz of her amazing was because I was about to wet my pants laughing so hard at her while trying to capture a shot!

This made me now wonder......WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WITH A GIRL???? No more just dropping the drawers wherever it's convenient or being able to fill up empty Gatorade bottles on road trips when I'm too impatient to stop. Man, Ruby better learn how to aim and fire cuz that's all we know how to do around here!

The boys enjoyed finding all kinds of creepy crawlies and Redden enjoyed being the photographer and taking the pictures of them. Ryder just wanted to get in the water even though it was freezing! I told him no way! It made me cold just thinking about it.

So it's been a while..... a lot has happened!

So it has been a long time since I have posted anything and I know that everyone just checks my mom's blog to see the updates but I decided to give it a try again. With a new little girl added to the family now I have to share her cuteness with everyone!!

Ruby Yvonne Rojas was born on 9/09/09 weighing in at 6lbs. 10oz. and measuring 19 1/2 inches long. She is doing great and is just as perfect as can be in our eyes! She looks just like her brothers and so much like her daddy. It has been so fun having a new addition to our family and to top it all off we finally got a girl. We have pink coming out of our eyeballs!

Gabe's parents have 18 grandchildren now with the first 17 all being boys so this was quite a surprise to all of us and I never truly believed it until she actually came out a girl! Nani and Popi fulfilled the long awaited promise of a limo ride home from the hospital and diamond earrings for the first girl born in the family. It was so nice to have them come all the way up to Utah to take part in the fun.

On the other side...there have been 4 new baby girls born in the last 6 months in the Knight family. How fun to have 4 new little girl cousins to be so close to one another.

Here are some pictures for now and hopefully lots of frequent updates to come!

The New.... Utah Valley Thunder!

Last night for family night we got the chance to go to the first ever arena football game in Utah Valley. Our friend Keith hooked us up with some tickets to the brand new Utah Valley Thunder. Definitely on a way different scale then the Arizona Rattlers but the kids had the, "best night of their life", according to Redden! What couldn't be fun about unhealthy food, cheerleaders, spotlights, free posters, t-shirts, and footballs. Oh and did I mention, cheerleaders. I have reached the point where during the halftime show where I can look over and see my two oldest with smiles from ear to ear telling eachother things quietly and laughing all giddily. They were picking out their "favorite". Then I look at Gabe and he has the proudest look on his face that you could have ever seen. Seriously, what is wrong with these guys!!! It is unbelievable the power a short skirt, long hair, and face paint (a.k.a makeup) have over this species of mankind! Well, this leads me to why Redden had the best night of his life. One of the cheerleaders came up and asked him to come play a game down on the field. It was a relay race between boys and they had run with a football while wearing a helmet. Redden got the hand off from another kid first and he was on his way.....till the 12 year old boy blew past him. Luckily, for Redden, the 12 year old boy tripped about 2 yards from the enzone and Redden raced right by the poor boy who just face planted on the turf to the finish line! Redden won the football autograped by the whole team and as he came running back to us, he was giving half the crowd (all 200 of them) high fives! What a stud. Keith gave us another ball so Redden and Ryder each ended up with a ball that I believe is already in their backpacks to show off at school today. We all had a fun time and I'm sure we'll be back again. I just hope they can keep the league going!