We had Stake Conference on Sunday so we decided to spend it having a picnic up in the beautiful mountains. Something we don't do often enough. The boys had a blast and it was very relaxing. We ate some yummy sandwiches and then I kicked my mom's trash at Sequence. I always win though.....! Then we played the boys some Yahtzee and watched as they flew down the mountain on their bikes and hunted for critters. We went on a short hike and all in all it was a beautiful day!

Grandma, Grandma, Grandma......doesn't she look great?!! She thought it looked like fun riding the bikes down the big hill and it wasn't long before she wanted to give it a try. But, after about 30 seconds on Redden's bike, she had only managed to get both her legs pedaling for a few feet and that was her wild ride! It looks like she did end up with one thing though....a giant snuggie!!! The pictures are kinda fuzzy but don't think it was cuz of her amazing was because I was about to wet my pants laughing so hard at her while trying to capture a shot!

This made me now wonder......WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WITH A GIRL???? No more just dropping the drawers wherever it's convenient or being able to fill up empty Gatorade bottles on road trips when I'm too impatient to stop. Man, Ruby better learn how to aim and fire cuz that's all we know how to do around here!

The boys enjoyed finding all kinds of creepy crawlies and Redden enjoyed being the photographer and taking the pictures of them. Ryder just wanted to get in the water even though it was freezing! I told him no way! It made me cold just thinking about it.


Kimberly said...

WOAH SMELLY.. you just have a baby.. mom leaves and then you make a new post! props to you!! hehe.. cant wait to see you guys in ONE MONTH!! So how do you feel about guests for 8 days and 9 nights??!!

Ron and Paula said...

It was a fun day even if I did lose at Sequence. And you're just jealous of my superior bike skills!

Wade and Christie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Hope you come down for Christmas so we can see you all!

a-jodi-hall-a-day said...

Great minds think alike! we did this the week before. Love all those bugs!